How to add a new Language in your OpenCart template

1. First, go to
2. Login with your username and password.
3. Hover mouse over System, then Localisation and click Languages.
4. As you can see there's only one default language here. (English)
5. To add a new one click Insert.
6. We should enter language parameters here, which we'll know soon.
7. Open new tab and go to:
8. Before you search your language, you should know the version of your OpenCart, which will be located at the bottom of your admin page.
9. Here it is.
10. Use search filter and select your version. In our case
11. Let's add french for example.
12. This is the one. Click it.
13. Scroll down and click Download.
14. Save file.
15. We should upload these two folders to FTP. Use your FTP client. We'll use FileZilla.
16. In host field enter your website.
17. Then enter your FTP username and password and click Connect (Quickconnect.)
18. Enter public_html folder.
19. Now we should upload our 2 folders here.
20. Select them and drag them into your FTP client.
21. When your upload is done, unfold your browser.
22. Click Documentation.
23. There are our language values that we should enter.
24. Copy language name.
25. Paste it in language name field.
26. Repeat these steps and fill out the form.
27. Set status to Enabled. And in Sort Order enter 2.
28. Now click Save.
29. Now click Store Front and check the results.



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