how to add manufacturer and change products brand

1. In this tutorial We'll add manufacturer and then we'll change our product's Brand from old to our newly added manufacturer. We'll pick Swarovski.
2. We'll add manufaturer and then change brand of maria's jewelry from 'Manufacturer Name 1' to 'Swarovski'.
3. Go to
4. Login with your username and password.
5. Now hover your mouse over Catalog at the top left corner of the page. Then click Manufacturers
6. To add a new manufacturer click Insert or to remove it check which one you want to delete and click Delete.
7. Enter Manufacturer name and click Save.
8. Now let's edit Maria's jewelry. (Change Brand from Manufacturer Name 1 to Swarovski).
9. Hover mouse again over Catalog and click Products.
10. To modify your product click Edit.
11. Click Links.
12. New manufacturer has appeared. (Swarovski) Select it.
13. Click Save.
14. That's it. Now go to main page by clicking Store Front.
15. Done!


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