How to add a new product on your OpenCart template

1. We'll show you how to add a new product on your OpenCart Template.
2. First, go to
3. Login with your username and password.
4. Hover your mouse over Catalog in the top menu. Click Products.
5. To add a new product, click Insert.
6. Enter your product name.
7. Fields marked with * are required. So you can leave others blank.
8. Now let's enter our product's data. Click Data in the top left corner.
9. Enter your product's model.
10. Enter Price. Enter Quantity.
11. Add an image of your product.
12. Click Browse Files.
13. To upload a new image, click Upload. Select your image.
14. To select your new image, double click on it.
15. You can add other information, but it's optional. Let's add product weight for example.
16. Now click Links.
17. Select your product's manufaturer. We'll add manufacturers in the following tutorials.
18. Select your product category. For example Jewelry. You can select multiple categories.
19. You can take a look at other options that you can add to your product...
20. When you're done click Save on the top right corner of the screen.
21. Done!