How to add payment methods in OpenCart template

1. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add payment methods on your OpenCart template.
2. Customers will choose their favorite products. For example this.
3. Then they'll checkout.
4. They'll fill out all necessary information...
5. And they'll reach payment methods. As you can see there is only 1 method. Cash on Delivery.
6. We'll add PayPal for example.
7. Go to
8. Login with your username and password.
9. Hover your mouse over Extensions and click Payments.
10. There are Cash on Delivery and Free Checkout payment methods enabled. Find PayPal and click Install.
11. It has been successfully installed. Now we should modify it. Click Edit.
12. Enter your PayPal account email address.
13. To enable this payment method select Enabled.
14. When you're done click Save.
15. PayPal Standard method has been enabled.
16. Done!

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